About Us

We are not in competition with any other reform group

  • We offer a different approach to a common problem

We are absolutely a non-partisan organization

We never offer legal advice. We only share experiences

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Our Goal:

Stop Unnecessary Alimony – All adults should support themselves

  • Permanent Alimony should be abolished

Child Custody – Ensure 50/50 custody unless other agreement

  • Except for proven abuse cases – Child Support for children only

Property Settlement – Equality based on marital devotion and contributions – Make divorce a complete separation from the marriage

  • Stop future trials that try to collect on your improved income.

Stop future trials that try to collect monies from your second spouse

  • aka Second Wives Club

Stop Judges from giving "Sweetheart deals" (aka biased) to one person

  • Proven to promote more divorces; and more cash for Judges
  • See RICO complaint under US Attorneys tab

Ensure a fast and speedy divorce

  • Ensure less stress and keep family savings from legal fees
  • Murder trials last three months; Some Divorces last over six years

SAVE tax dollars and STOP dragging out divorce trials

  • Judges and Lawyers make more profit with long cases
  • Long trials often force income provider into an agreement
  • Future legislation could allow modification to forced agreement

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